Herschelle Gibbs Picks Three Teams As T20 World Cup 2021 Favorites

Herschelle Gibbs Picks Three Teams As T20 World Cup 2021 Favorites

Former South African opener Herschelle Gibbs sees good prospects for Bangladesh in the T20 World Cup in Aber-emirate. Herschelle Gibbs also sees the potential of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka along with England, Pakistan and India on his list of favorites for T20 World Cup 2021. However, Gibbs does not see the possibility of the current champion West Indies.

In an interview with Cricket Pakistan, Gibbs spoke about the India World Cup. “Of course, I will keep England, Pakistan and India as favorites,” he said. In fact you can’t say anything for sure. Sri Lanka can do anything, Bangladesh can do it again.

Gibbs, 47, leads England, India and Pakistan the most. “But in my opinion, of course, ahead of Pakistan, India and England,” he said. However, it depends on the condition of the World Cup.

The success of Gibbs’ favorite teams depends on the condition and the wicket. However, he thinks that the current champion West Indies will not be terrible if there is a turn in the wicket.

“Pakistan has always been an unpredictable team,” Gibbs said. Always has a big impact. England and India are strong teams. So a lot depends on the wicket. If the ball turns on the wicket, I don’t think the West Indies can be that terrible. ‘

The reason, he said, is that they like to play straight. They don’t like turns on wickets, if there is a spin, it is not suitable for West Indies.

Gibbs is leading India, Pakistan and England in the World Cup with big players. “There are batsmen like Virat Kohli in India, Babar Azam in Pakistan and Jos Butler in England. There are also many good batsmen in these teams. There are also a few in the West Indies. However, Kohli, Babur, Steve Smith are batsmen who can play well on all types of wickets. Their skills are much higher. That is why they are different from others.