Imran Tahir Angry For Not Selecting Him in the T20 World Cup 2021 Team

Imran Tahir Reaction: Imran Tahir Angry For Not Selecting Him in the T20 World Cup 2021 Team Expressed His Frustration 

South African leg-spinner Imran Tahir has been left out of this year’s T20 World Cup Squad 2021 and is quite angry that he did not get a chance in the South African Squad. Expressed his frustration. Imran Tahir has spoken in front of the media after not getting a place in the World Cup squad. He said Cricket South Africa (CSA) had treated him disrespectfully. Tahir said he had already told Graeme Smith that he was ready to play in the World Cup. However, he alleged that Smith did not contact him.

Tahir said, ‘I feel bad for not being in the team. Smith wanted to know from me last year. Then I said Australia is ready to play in the World Cup. I added I am always ready for the team. I am honored that you asked me. ‘

Although Tahir has not been seen in international cricket, he is performing well in franchise leagues around the world. Seeing this performance, Smith said that he had promised to keep him in the team.

Tahir said he tried to talk to Smith and the team’s head coach Boucher, but they did not respond.

According to Tahir, ‘I am working hard. It can be understood by looking at my performances in different leagues. Smith said this performance will take me to the team. But even then no one contacted me. A few months ago I texted Smith and Boucher. They didn’t answer me. ‘

He said he felt disrespected seeing the board’s behavior. The spinner, who has served South Africa for almost a decade, said: “Boucher has never spoken to me since he became a coach. It is a very painful thing. I have played for the country for 10 years. I think I deserve some respect. But they think I am not qualified. ‘