India Win a Test Match After 50 Years at the Oval Cricket Stadium

India Win a Test Match After 50 Years at the Oval Cricket Stadium

India last won the last test match at the Oval in 1981, India has won on English soil many times since then but has not won at the Oval. However, India registered their first test win in the Oval cricket stadium after 50 years. Virat Kohli’s India overcame that drought in the fourth Test of the series against England. India beat England by 158 runs to take a 2-1 lead in the series. However, in the previous Test, India was bowled out for 7 runs and was embarrassed by the loss of the innings.

India turned around with Rohit Sharma’s great century. Throws in front of England the challenge of chasing record runs. England has never chased a target above 360!

The hosts were handling the start of that challenge well. At the end of the fourth day, the English ended the day with 6 runs without losing any wicket. With the help of Hasib Hamid and Joe Burns, they reached the three-digit house at the beginning of the last day. Then the rhythm began to fall. Rory Burns goes back to fifty.

At the other end, Hasib Hamid, however, survived the wicket. He picked up the fourth fifty of his career with 123 balls. However, his partner David Malan tried to settle down but he was run out. Then came Ellen Root on the wicket, whose bat gave the English great reliance throughout the series. England made no more mistakes in the first session to resist Root Hamid.

Hasib Hamid made only 13 runs off 60 balls after the fifth. However, his innings ended with a great one by Rabindra Jadeja. Then Bumrah came on the scene. As he got a little older, he did it like an over. The number of runs did not go into double digits. He picked up two wickets for speed change and ball craftsmanship. That broke the backbone of the English batting line-up. Oli Pope and Johnny Bairstow are two of his victims.

As a result, Bumrah reached the milestone of 100 wickets in the 24th match. Kapil Dev broke the record of the century in 25 matches. He is the fastest Indian fast bowler to score a Test wicket.

Then Moin Ali became the victim of Jadeja. England was in danger of his departure. As a result, the hope of a draw was somewhat but the English survived. Root tries to build resistance with Chris Oakes. But he did not resist the English captain for a long time. He returned after being played on by Shardul Tagore. That’s where England’s rate is confirmed.

Then Oaks, Overton, Anderson tried, but their efforts only narrowed the gap. Umesh Yadav says that their attempt also ended. He ensured India’s victory with the last two wickets in the new ball.

Kohli’s team went ahead 2-1 in the series. India will win the series if they can somehow draw the last Test. The team will land in that test next Friday. The two teams will play in the last Test of the series in Manchester.


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