Psychologists to Monitor Players During T20 World Cup 2021 Matches

Psychologists to Monitor Players During T20 World Cup 2021 Matches

The International Cricket Council ICC has decided to have psychologists monitor players during the T20 World Cup 2021 matches. The ICC has taken this step to keep the mental health of the players in the bio-safety zone due to the deadly coronavirus that has spread worldwide.

England’s Ben Stokes has recently taken an indefinite break from cricket to alleviate his depression. In addition, bio-safety belts on various tours and tournaments have caused mental exhaustion among many players. In addition, many did not participate in the Indian Premier League in the UAE due to the drawn-out bio-safety belt, or many withdrew.

The T20 World Cup is starting from October 16 in the United Arab Emirates and Oman with 16 teams from around the world. Players will have to spend most of their time in hotels during the month-long tournament.

Alex Marshall, the International Cricket Council’s head of biosecurity, told reporters: There will be a full-time ICC psychologist. You can talk to a psychologist at any time if necessary.

Following the comments of top players, including India captain Virat Kohli, many teams have focused on the mental state of the players ahead of the tournament.

Marshall also said that selfie fans will be kept away from the players. “Players will be kept separate and in the environment set for them, so there will be no direct physical mix between fans and players and I’m sure everyone will understand,” he said. However, players will be allowed to rest with golf or sightseeing in bio-protected areas.