Rashid Khan Says That Taliban Love Cricket & will Work to Improve Cricket

Rashid Khan Says That Taliban Love Cricket and will Work to Improve Cricket

Rashid Khan has been very happy since the Taliban promised not to have any negative impact on cricket. Rashid Khan says the Taliban love cricket, which is why he sees no sign of danger for Afghan cricket.

Rashid Khan was worried about the Taliban seizing power. He also tried to attract the attention of world leaders by tweeting. His tweets and sad look showed how worried he was.

“The Taliban regime will not have a negative impact on cricket,” Rashid Khan said in an interview on Australian radio. Everyone loves cricket. They also love cricket and stay by the side of cricketers.

Rashid Khan is in England to play The Hundred, a franchise tournament in England. While there, he tweeted about his family’s concerns. He also stopped his traditional celebration by taking wickets.

The Taliban have said more than once in recent times that they have no problem with cricket. Claimed, they brought cricket to Afghanistan. They also said they would work to improve cricket.

Rashid Khan is relieved because of this statement of the Taliban. He is hopeful that the Taliban will keep their word. That is why he has moved away from his previous statement.

In this regard, Rashid Khan said, ‘I have seen some interviews with the Taliban in the last few days. Talked to them about the game, said they have no problem. They love to see players play around the world, love cricket. The Taliban do not see any problem in cricket at the moment.


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