PTV Sports Live Streaming

PTV Sports has the privilege to broadcast all the Cricket events in Pakistan. Apart from that, you can watch all the international sporting events on PTV Sports Live in HD. The channel focuses on the broadcast of expert analysis-based game shows based on the virtual reality of maintaining the trend of changing sports.

On January 14, 2012, PTV Sports Network launched its first Sports TV Channel which was converted into HD after ten years. PTV Sports is a state-owned channel that broadcast several sporting events since its launch of the PTV Sports TV Channel.

PTV Sports is a state-owned sports station, with numerous national and international athletic events in which Pakistani sports personnel participated and easily received their broadcasting rights. It also telecast numerous sporting events in which no Pakistani participates simply to maintain the interest of visitors within Pakistan and outside it.


Watch PTV Sports Live Cricket Streaming

PTV Sports holds the long-term broadcasting rights of cricket, soccer, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, and many more worldwide sports events. PTV Sports also acquires the official telecasting rights of all the major ICC Events such as other cricket series.

PTV televises all the matches of the Pakistan Cricket Team and matches highlights on Facebook and YouTube. PTV Sports also acquires the digital rights to all the cricket leagues’ home and away series. ¬†Initially, PTV Sports managed to take place in millions of Pakistani hearts after its launch.

Other Channels are available to PTV, PTV Home, PTV News, PTV National, PTV Global, and PTV Sports. PTV Sports HD TV Channel is a PTV family sports edition. It is a state-owned satellite and local cable network available in Pakistan and other parts of this wonderful world. Here below is the list of cricket events covered by PTV Sports.

PTV Sports Live: Catch up on all the International cricket series matches between Pakistan, India, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, and Bangladesh in HD.




PTV Sports Live is a premium sports TV channel that broadcast all the sporting events in Pakistan. PTV Sports is a part of PTV networks that operates several other channels for different audiences. PTV Sports is the Number 1 Pakistanis’ option to watch their favorite games at no charge. PTV Sports has a particular focus on Cricket, Hockey, Football, badminton, tennis, boxing, and other sports events from all around the world.


Is PTV Sports Live Free?

PTV Sports is an original global cable and satellite TV channel from Pakistan Television Corporation. Watching PTV Sports live on your television is entirely free.

PTV Sports can be accessed in several ways. If you own a TV, you can watch it live on your TV, but if there is no TV in your home or office and you still want to get live coverage of PTV Sports live is also possible.  First, the people of Pakistan were deprived of the channel dedicated to the sport, but with the launch of this channel, sports lovers breathed in relief.

As it broadcasts all the most important sporting events in the world. Apart from that, PTV Sports is not limited to any sport and covers all kinds of manifestations of football, cricket, snooker, tennis, swimming, hockey, football, and many other sports.



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